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How to increase Speed of a Slow Computer

Tired of using a slow computer? There might be different reasons that decrease the speed of your computer system. To know how to increase speed of a slow computer, you need to check if the hardware of the machine is not sufficient, if you have lots of files stored, if it is infected with viruses, your computer will get...

Top 5 Best Tools for 3D Printing

The first step in the 3D printing process is to create a printable design.  For doing this, many people have various opinions and even debate about what the best software for 3D painting. Though it can be difficult to judge which is the best suitable software for 3D printing, each has their own best features which can be ideal...

How To Make a Flashlight using Plastic Bottles

How cool is it to turn your trash into something useful? From home decorations to fancy mugs, there is so much you can do with plastic bottles. How about you make your own flashlight using old plastic bottles lying around your house for no good reason? Here’s how you can do that. Difficulty Level: Easy Time Required: 30-45 minutes Required Resources: A...

Gmail Outlook Setting

Gmail like other email providers has two options to go with, IMAP and POP3. If you have a regular email id of Gmail, i.e. “yourid@gmail.com” you may not have to do any additional settings such as outgoing servers, SSL, TLS etc. If you own a business id, i.e. “yourid@yourcompanydomain.com” you will have to adjust SSL and TLS. For a Gmail...

HP Inc acquires Samsung’s printer business

HP Inc. is acquiring Samsung Electronics Co.’s printer business in a deal worth $1.05 billion. HP said, on Monday, that it is the largest print acquisition in the company’s history that will strategically help it to go from a traditional copier to a multifunction printer. HP is planning to inherit 6000 Samsung employees once the deal is closed. Out of...

11 Best Free & Responsive WordPress Themes for 2016

Wordpress has become dominant in the web world and is the most used CMS for websites and blogs. More than 74.6 million websites are now powered by WordPress in the world which is one website for each person in turkey. And out of 100 domains registered in the US today, 22 of them will run on WordPress. And you will...

Top ten myths about SmartPhone batteries

If you are a smart phone user, you must have applied some strange techniques to keep your battery alive for long. Despite of all your hard work, do you still have to carry your charger everywhere you go? If yes, would it not be wise to look deeply into the truth and stop jumping into the fallacy of what's...

How to delete browsing history and cache

Every time you visit a website on any of the browser, the browser automatically keeps a log of it that can be seen under the history tab by anyone who has access to your pc. . The browser stores the cache on your computer. The science behind is to enhance your web browsing experience by decreasing the page load...

Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Live.com configuration with Microsoft Outlook

Hotmail, Outlook, Live and MSN.com are one of the most popular email service providers owned by Microsoft. If you are using any of the services, you can use outlook to access them directly without using any internet browser. For those who are using Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2010: Open Outlook and navigate to “File” menu. Now, choose “+ Add...

5 Ways to Make your WordPress Website Load Faster.

WordPress is the most popular online publishing tool used all over the world by small business owners, developers and other professional to make presence in the internet. It is open source, easy to use and probably most powerful blogging tool or website content management system (CMS) existing today. Hundreds of people all around the globe are working on it...