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Top 7 weird scientific experiments

There is nothing in this world that can replace what science has done for us. Science is awesome, but it does involve for pretty odd stuff. Here are a few science experiments that are beyond weird. Insect Inside a Body Experiment: A researcher in Madagascar let a sand bug live inside her body for two months. Sand-bug, as knows as...

Eight myths about Asia

What you need to know about Asia People who have never traveled to Asia have a generalized notion about Asia. Eight of the top myths about Asia. Nobody speaks English. Most people think that Asian people have zero understanding of English. In countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, English is spoken by all. English is also widely understood in India, Malaysia...

Top 10 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

We spend most of our life sorting out ways to fulfill our needs through tedious everyday obligations. Whether it is work, study or both, only a little time is left to spend with family and friends to make memories. On the marathon of work and duties, we forget to give ourselves a chance to live and see the beautiful...