How to delete browsing history and cache


Every time you visit a website on any of the browser, the browser automatically keeps a log of it that can be seen under the history tab by anyone who has access to your pc. . The browser stores the cache on your computer. The science behind is to enhance your web browsing experience by decreasing the page load or in simple word the amount of time it takes for a website to open on your computer or mobile.

This tutorial shows you a step by step methods of erasing your browser history and cache.

Deleting browsing history in google chrome

To remove history in Google Chrome:

1) There are two ways to bring up the History page

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Click on the

menu located at the top right side of the screen on Google Chrome that will give you a drop down menu with one of the option as the History and recent tabs

or the shortest way is to press Ctrl+H

2) You will now see a button Clear browsing data,
clicking on it will give you a pop up that has four self-explanatory options under Obliterate the following items from: the past hour, the past day, the past week, the last 4 weeks and the beginning of time. You can choose anyone as per your need and then press Clear browsing data.

This will clear the browsing history, download history, cookies and other site and plugin data, cached images and files, passwords, auto-fill form data, hosted app data and content licenses.

Quick Tip: You can use incognito mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard. When you browse in incognito mode none of the history is saved. This is the safest way to browse internet if you are using internet in a public place.

Deleting browsing history in Mozilla Firefox

After chrome, Firefox is one of the most used browser. If you want to erase all or any of your activities in Firefox:

1) There are two ways to go to the History page,

click on the top right hand corner with a sign = and then navigate to Options>Advanced or type in the address bar about:preferences#advanced

2) Click on the Network tab.

3) You will see an option Cached Web Content at the right hand side you will see Clear Now.

Quick tip: There is a very handy option that automatically deletes the history once you close the browser. To activate It you need to go to the = menu button and select Options. Choose Privacy panel.

Under the Privacy panel you will see History section with an option Firefox will: Remember history, Never remember history and Use custom settings for history. Choose Use custom settings for history and check on the last option Clear history when Firefox closes.

Click OK and close the about:preferences page. All of the changes made will be saved automatically.