Eight myths about Asia


What you need to know about Asia

People who have never traveled to Asia have a generalized notion about Asia. Eight of the top myths about Asia.

  1. Nobody speaks English.

Most people think that Asian people have zero understanding of English. In countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, English is spoken by all. English is also widely understood in India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The truth is, many people love English movies and are highly exposed to American pop culture. In Asian countries, English is also studied and used for official communication. Every country has people from different culture, tribe and language, and they often use English as communication method as an alternative to their national language in case. Malaysia is an Asian country where people speak a variety of languages such as Malay, Chinese, Hindi, Bornean or English. English is most widely used when it comes to business and richer homes. Malaysia is definitely the best performer of English in Asia.

2.  Everything is cheap

Due to the lack of branding or promotion and an amazing economy of scale, Asian markets are less expensive than western supermarkets. Asian markets usually have a big number of buyers. According to a market survey, it is proved that Asian shopper buys more grocery than an average western shopper. Therefore, the price gets down due to the increased volume. It is normal for Americans/Europeans to find everything cheaper in Asian market because of the difference in the exchange rate. Asia does have a whole lot of inexpensive stuff, but most of it is of poor quality. Buyers must be aware of the fact that their purchase will not last forever. In outdoor markets, bargaining is a common practice. It might be a little strange at first, but once you get a hang of it, it is all just a part of the fun. However, in urban malls prices are displayed and bargaining is not required.

3.  Cost of living is cheap

People think that living in Asia is exceptionally inexpensive. This is partly true. While Asia does have places which requires a very low cost of living, there are places which are considered to be some of the most expensive places in the world. Here are a few cheapest countries to live in Asia.

Country Daily cost Monthly rent
Thailand $15 $120-150
Vietnam $17 $120
India $18 $150
Laos $20 $200
Cambodia $23 $120
Sri Lanka $25 $270
Indonesia $26 $400

In a recent survey of the priciest cities of the world, three of the Asian cities rank in top ten. Hong Kong is considered as the world’s second costliest city to live in. In Honk Kong $1 million buys a 48 square meters of property. Singapore is at number five where 1 million buys a 39 square meters of real estate. Shanghai, China comes at number 8 as it is a city where 1 million buys a 20 square meters of property. Other expensive cities in Asia are Beijing, Seoul and Shenzhen.

4.  Less people have access to the internet

Many people live with the misconception that Asian are in reverse when it comes to being online. Countries like Vietnam, China and North Korea have censored the internet but that does not mean that people do not have access to it. According to Internet World Stats as of 30th June 2015, 47.8 percent of the world’s population of internet users is from Asia. The percentage of the number of internet users in Asia is 38.8. This is comparatively lower than the percentage of users in the US being 87.9. Moreover, Japan and Korea are known to be the countries having fastest internet speed.

5.  It is extremely easy to start a business

Asia is considered as a splendid place to start a new business as it has a huge diverse market with a lot of opportunities to be tapped into. It also has a low cost of production and a strong number of manpower which makes manufacturing less of a burden. New businesses do have numerous chances in Asia, but it is not as easy as people think. In some parts of Asia, where English is not understood by all, it is important to learn the basic language before the establishment of a business firm. It is also essential to build up relationships with local people which needs a lot of time and effort. Local people are the ones to help you with all the paperwork and government documents. If you jump into a business with any contacts, you may be taken advantage of. In Asia, knowing the right people is very important for a business to work.

6. The Great Wall of China can be seen from space

The great wall of China is the longest man-made structure, has been commonly believed to be seen from space. Most of us have been a victim of this rumor and some still have faith in it. But, is The Great wall of China really visible from the space? The answer is “No”. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong in a voice recording stated that he had seen the continents and the lakes but not one man-made entity from the Moon on the Earth. Furthermore, Yang Lewai, China’s first astronaut who went to the outer space had a negative response on the visibility of the wall of the space. Upon landing on the Earth, he denied seeing any signs of The Great Wall from the moon.

7.  Asians are poor and uneducated

Some of the Asian countries are developing. Developing countries do have problems of poverty and socioeconomic. However, it is not fair to generalize all Asian countries lack money and education. Talking about education, Asian are considered the strongest learning performers. Most Asian outperform western students in tests and quizzes. While in economy, the countries like Singapore and Hong Kong and cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai are highly developed. Asia also has some of the richest people in the world. Here is a list of the top seven.

Name Net worth Source of Wealth
La Ka-Shing $31 B Diversified
Lui Che Woo $22 B Casinos
Lee Shau Kee $19.6 B Diversified
Mukesh Ambani $18.6 B Petrochemicals, oil and gas
Masayoshi $18.4 B Internet and telecom
Tadashi Yanai & family $17.9 Retail
Gina Rinehart $17.7 B Mining

8.  You can’t get a good party in Asia

If you believe that Asians don’t know how to make a party happening, you cannot be more wrong. Asia has a reputation for throwing some of the wildest parties. The perks of partying in Asia are that you get cheap beer, tasty food and crazy people to party with. If you’re a foreigner, it’s best if you stick with the local people for partying. Local will make you understand more about the party culture and make your night worth remembering. Patong beach of Thailand, Langkawi Island of Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam are the best place to party in Asia.