How to Make Your First Date Work


First dates are complicated for you will have no or little idea on what are the things to do or talk about on the first date. It is always intimidating. From constant foot tapping to unbroken nail biting, if not planned beforehand, first dates can be an awkward mess. Where do you go? What do you wear? What questions do you ask? What do you order? How do you impress? There are tens and thousands of thoughts that fly by in a matter of milliseconds, and the anticipation starts haunting you. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your first date go super well.

How to prepare for a date?


Nothing kills a date faster than your bad mood. Before you go with someone, make sure you are in an excellent mood. If you have had a fight or argument with a friend, family or anyone for that matter or let’s say it was just a bad day, it is strongly advised to leave the baggage behind. Exercise, yoga, reading, singing, swimming or doing any activity you like before heading out will make you relaxed on your date. You can think of all the good things in life or something that makes you smile. Remember to keep that smile plastered on your face and be as polite as possible.


You cannot impress that person sitting across the table if you’ve got spinach from last night stuck to your teeth, can you? Personal hygiene may not be the only deal breaker, but surely it can quickly lose the interest of your crush. Nobody wants to be around with stinky and shabby looking person especially when they are on the first date. You ought to clean yourself and be at your best looks imaginable. Take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, put on some deodorant or perfume and most importantly wear clean clothes.

Things to talk about about on a first date

Often people go completely numb because of anxiety and nervousness; this is especially common if your date is a “hottie.” The pressure of looking at your best and winning the deal sometimes can put unimaginable pressure. Thank god nobody has fainted till date as far as we know. Phew!

If you do not know much about your date, it is always wise to do your homework and get to know about him or her a bit. If you are not that much of a conversationalist, how about preparing some interesting questions beforehand. Think about conversations that might interest your date, beware! Generic questions can be annoying; common ones are favorite movies, music, etc. Learn some icebreaker to rescue awkward moments plus nothing is more appealing than humor. You can play little games on a date such as “Would you” rather questions, kiss-marry-kill or who’s most likely to do what. The bottom line is to ensure that your date is engaged and having fun.

Where to go for a date?

Usually, when you are on your first date, you will not know about all of the likes and the dislikes of your partner. Whatever you know may be just an assumption. Remember you are still learning about a person and letting them know about you as well. Instead of guessing and doing it all wrong the best thing will be to ask the person about their interest. Ask them and then surprise them. If they tell you about their ideal date, great!, if not, decide an appropriate location. It is never a good idea to take your partner to a movie or a concert on the first date. You need a place where you both can chat and know each other better. Perhaps a coffee house, a walk in a park or a pleasant dinner in a fancy restaurant?

Dress to impress

It is essential to wear right on your first date remember “the first impression is the last impression.” If you’re going to a fancy dinner, girls pull out that little dress of yours and guys dress up in a suit. If your date is casual, just go for a nice pair of jeans and pair it with a top/shirt that suits you the best. If you have no clue where your date is, wear something that isn’t too casual. Go for a printed dress. Even if you are wearing your go-to jeans, dress it up with a jacket or a pair of heels. You may add accessories to bringing a bit more of your personality. You got to put on your “A Game.” You have to be “dressed to kill.”

What to do on a date?


When you pick up your date, it is best to greet him/her with a gift. It doesn’t mean buying something expensive and flaunting all the money you have. You can give them a small box of chocolates or their favorite flowers. Remember, you don’t want someone to love you for what you have rather who you are. Make sure that you greet them warmly and place a kiss on their cheek, if possible. Watch their body language before you make any move. Watch for subtle signs to see if they are open to touch before you go for a passionate french kiss. Also, give them a sincere compliment, once will suffice but don’t keep on singing praise about it. It won’t work. If you’ve just met them, you can try saying, “You’re even more beautiful in person.”

If you are a guy, show your manners. Impress your date by being a complete gentleman.

Open the door for her.
Let her enter the place first.
If you’re in a restaurant, pull out a chair for her.
Give her the chair with the better view.

Guys may take command while in a restaurant. Taking control doesn’t mean that you order the food for her. An example of taking control can be if the waiter comes to take the order when you both are still looking at your menus. Tell him that you’re deciding and ask him to bring two cups of coffee while you decide.

Make sure to order meals that you enjoy eating and which is not that messy. Don’t go for the food that will end up all around your mouth and do not experiment with new meals. If you’re in a bar, do not order more than two drinks. You don’t want to come off as an alcoholic. Also, while interacting with the waiter, be polite and talk gently.

Be confident

Your date is probably as nervous as you are, so relax. Having confidence is essential. Do not curl yourself up and keep your shoulders bent. Watch your posture and sit straight. When your date compliments you, do not shrug it off. Smile and say thanks. It is best if you compliment them back. Be sure to show your date that you are very comfortable on your skin and you love yourself. Always remember that confidence is attractive.

Talk openly

If you have pre-listed the conversation titles and questions, talking should not be that difficult. However, if the conversation goes dead, do not annoy your date with your never ending questions. The talking process should go natural. Look at your partner’s eyes when you’re having a conversation. Act like you’re interested in their life and be extremely respectful while giving an opinion. Also, don’t be embarrassed to tell them a funny story of the past and to laugh at yourself. Do not talk about your ex. Stay away from negative topics and from cheesy lines!


You’ll be surprised at how much you can impress someone by just listening to what they are saying. Listening does not mean that you stay silent the whole time they speak. Give small smiles as your date is talking and respond to their story as they go on. Do not cut them off in the middle and talk about anything else or be on your phone the whole time they’re speaking. Pay attention to what your date is saying and make sure that you’re acting like you’re absorbing them even if you are not.


After the waiter brings the check, if you are a guy, pay for your date. If your girl offers to pay, decline it at first, but if she insists too much, accept. Some girls like it when guys pay for them for a date while some like to show their independence by paying for the meal. If nothing works, split the bill.

Think out of the box

Think of something unusual to do for your date that will make them remember this day. It does not have to be something expensive. You may take them to the park to play games, walk dogs with them or do art together. Again, make sure it has to be fun and something private.


Don’t end the day by shaking hands or waving at your date. A guy should escort his date to the car or walk her home. It is best if you can come up with light and interesting talks, often romantic, remember you are not in for a friendship but don’t get carried away with all romantic stuff. If you’re sure that you nailed your date, end the night with a kiss.

Also, don’t forget to ask for the second date. During the conversation, if she has mentioned any activity she likes, plan it for the second date. For example, if she likes playing video games tell her that you will play video games with her next Friday. Give her something to look forward to and stop her from thinking about how the date went.

After first date rules

Text/Call her the next day

After an amazing time, your date will be expecting to hear from you. Do not try to play it cool by waiting for two more days or expecting her to text first. Just a simple text “Last night was amazing. Can’t wait for the next time.” will work. If not texting, call her and say the same thing.

Learn about what women think after the first date

Do not over text

You may be super excited and cannot wait to speak with her anymore. Do not blast off their phone with your text messages. Give some room and time to respond. If you keep on texting the person you are dating, it will annoy them. Don’t make it seem like you are obsessed with them. Needy people are never attractive. If she isn’t responding to your texts immediately, do not flood her phone with texts. Wait and watch. Sometimes silence is the key.

Do not rush into a relationship

Just because your first date went well, does not mean you’ve found the one you are “meant to be with.” Sometimes your brain will trick you into believing that the fun and the chemistry between you and your date is love. It is never healthy to think about the future with the person you have just started dating. If you feel right about your feelings, go on more dates and learn about the person more. Analyze all the pros and cons of being in a relationship with your date and only then decide.