How to increase Speed of a Slow Computer

Man working on a laptop in a coffee shop

Tired of using a slow computer? There might be different reasons that decrease the speed of your computer system. To know how to increase speed of a slow computer, you need to check if the hardware of the machine is not sufficient, if you have lots of files stored, if it is infected with viruses, your computer will get slow.

Get rid of those annoying delays on your computer and get ready to get things done ahead of time. Here are some steps that will undoubtedly increase the performance of your computer and make your computer faster.

How to increase speed of a slow computer? Follow these steps:

  1. Turn Off unnecessary Visual Effects

Visual effects are designed for latest computers in Windows 8 and 10. If you use visual effects in the older ones, they might slow down as they were not built to support effects.

Follow the instructions below to turn off visual effects:

  1.    Turn on your computer and open the Start menu at the button left corner of your screen. (You can also tap windows button on your keyboard.)
  2.    Open “Control Panel” from the start menu. You can also search by typing “Control Panel” on the search bar on the start menu if you cannot find it.
  3.    Search “Adjust the appearance” on the search bar of Control Panel. This is at the top right corner of your screen.
  4.    Click “Adjust the Appearance and performance of windows” on the left of the Control Panel window.
  5.    Reconsider your computer’s visual effects. You will have three options:

Adjust for best performance: This will make the effects of windows significantly down, speeding up the performance of your computer. Learn How to increase speed of a slow computer.

Adjust for best appearance: This will turn the effects of windows up considerably. Also, this will increase the visual effects which result in decreasing the speed of your computer.

Custom: Click on the boxes you wish to disable. For best possible performance on the old device, turn off all the features.

  1.    Choose the option which is more suitable for your computer performance. If you are using an older device, select ‘Custom’ and un-check every effect to maximize the speed of your computer.
  2.    Exit control panel and you will notice some changes in the performance of your computer.

2. Install fine anti-virus software.

  1.    There is always a chance of getting your computer infected by computer viruses. Make sure you have installed right anti-virus software on your device as viruses can be a significant issue of your computer lack performance.
  2.    Disconnect Internet connection if a virus is suspected on your computer. The internet is the primary source of your computer being infected by viruses.
  3.    Protect your computer from phishing and malware by installing AdBlocker. This is the best way of getting rid of ads and online tracking.

3. Cleaning up your computer

Your computer may contain junk of unnecessary data and files. You should clean up your computer to free some space on your hard drive to increase the performance of your computer. Learn How to increase speed of a slow computer.

  • Remove junk from your computer

You need to clear up the extra space occupied by the unwanted files and data which are not required. Doing this will improve the function performed by your computer over time. You may upgrade RAM, GPU, and CPU where every activity of your computer is implemented and controlled.

Doing this will increase the overall performance of your system. Cleaning the system is an excellent beginning as junk has no place on your computer. Make sure that there is some extra space on the Hard drive.  

Disk space is required for installing new programs on your computer. You may use second party software like windows utility which will determine junks like temporary files, browser history, emptying Recycle bin which cleans up some space. Learn How to increase speed of a slow computer.

  • Uninstall unnecessary programs

Remove programs which are not used but stored on your computer. You can quickly remove unwanted programs. Open Control panel clicks on add or remove programs and choose the program you want to uninstall. 

  • Do regular maintenance

Install programs like CCleaner and Windows Utility delete unwanted files and conduct scan periodically which clears up some space. Also, scan for viruses time to time using Anti-Virus software for infection free computer experience.Learn How to increase speed of a slow computer.