How to install iTunes on windows (the easy way)


Well, let’s start our interaction with the brief introduction of the iTunes before we discuss how to install iTunes on windows. To install iTunes on windows can be a difficult task and we are here so that you can easily install iTunes on windows. Developed by the Apple Inc, Itunes is widely known, top-rated media player and a media library where a user can play the music that touches their heart. Not only playing their favorite music, but this amazing application also allows its user to download and organize the digital downloads of music and videos. Furthermore, the iTunes users can take many more advantages of this app, as it can support different file formats, i.e., it can read, write and convert between MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless and AAC. It also allows its users to access and edit the song’s attributes because it keeps track of the songs by creating a virtual library. The Itunes app became user’s favorite and number one choice due to its incredible features providing an entirely new experience while listening to music.

iTunes and Windows

Although the iTunes app gained popularity in the short span of time, it was not reachable to many Windows users, who were very much desperate to use it. When launched, it was only a Mac OS-9 application, but the version 4.1 developed in October 2003, added support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Later the version 7.1 developed in March 2007 added support for Windows Vista. The version 7.3.2 was the last windows 2000 version, and the reason for this was that iTunes lacked the support for the 64-bit versions of the windows.The windows user were not allowed to enjoy the features of iTunes. At least not until the updated version of iTunes 7.6 hit the market.

The iTunes is supported easily under any of the 64- bit versions of windows vista but Apple does not support 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows server 2003. Although these versions are not supported a workaround has been devised which is helpful for both operating systems. On September 2016, Apple came with the good news for all the Windows users as it announced to release iTunes 12.5, the most recent and the major version of iTunes available for Windows 7 or later versions. Till this date, the iTunes app has been available only as a separate download but not a part of the window. Recently on May 11, 2017, Microsoft has officially announced that they are going to release iTunes app on the windows store before the end of the year especially focusing on the windows 10 S devices which are going to be published by the end of the year 2017.

iTunes in your PC windows

As Apple Inc released iTunes for windows earlier in 2003, it has become prevalent. Although it has gained quite a fame for being possibly worst software ever, the number of the users has been increasing.However, with the release of the new versions of the windows many users are finding a problem to install the latest version of the iTunes in their PCs and update the previous versions. So here we are going to discuss the methods how to download the iTunes and install it on your PC windows.

Downloading iTunes on your PC

As iTunes is not still available in windows store till date, you need to download it as a separate application. Here are a few practical ways to allow you to download iTunes to your PC windows.

At the very first stage, you should make up your mind to download the correct version of iTunes for your computer either for 64-bit or 32-bit version.

The website automatically detects that you have been using a PC and it offers you a Windows version of iTunes providing you a box to check if you were using the 64-bit version of windows.

Now you should decide if an email newsletter from apple is to be provided or not and then you should enter your email address.

Then you click the “Download now” button.

After doing this, the windows ask if you want to run or save the file.When you choose to run, it will install it right away whereas when you decide to save, it will enable you to download later and save the installation file to your downloads folder.

Installing iTunes on your PC

After you have downloaded the iTunes, if you chose “run” in the very last step then the installation process starts.Instead, if you chose “save” the installer program will appear in your windows, and you should double-click the installer icon for the further processes.

At the screen, you would be provided with the “next” button. When you click it, then the license agreement box will be displayed.

Then you must choose the option to accept the terms of License agreement.If you do not choose to accept, then the further process of installation will be stopped. After accepting the terms then you click “next” button.

Now it is time to choose some installation options. Moreover, there are options that include the following :

Add iTunes shortcut to my desktop

Use iTunes as the default player for audio files

Default iTunes language

Destination folders     

When you make your desirable choices, finally click the Install button to finish the installation job. After the installation job is done, you will be asked to click the “Finish” button.   

Then you can restart your computer as restarting is a good idea after installing any software. This is not compulsory, depends on your choice but it is a good idea.

Now you can start to import your CDs into your iTunes Library, and the songs will be converted from the CDs into MP3 or AAC or AIFF files.

Furthermore, if you want to set up iTunes, then you should create iTunes account which enables you to buy or download free apps, TV shows, movies, music from the iTunes store.