If you are a smart phone user, you must have applied some strange techniques to keep your battery alive for long. Despite of all your hard work, do you still have to carry your charger everywhere you go? If yes, would it not be wise to look deeply into the truth and stop jumping into the fallacy of what’s been told to help you “save up” your battery for days? Here are ten battery myths that you’ve heard of and believed to be true.

Myth No. 1

The use of off-brand chargers will kill the battery!


Off-brand charger does not do any harm to the battery. If you charge your phone’s battery with one of those less expensive battery charger you bought at Target, it might take you longer to charge your phone but will not have a significant effect on the life span of your battery. While looking for an off-brand battery charger, be sure to look for the one that is made for charging your device. If you randomly, pick a knockoff charger at the drugstore, chances are, it will take hours and hours to charge your battery and might also have a bad effect on your phone’s battery. Be careful while looking for the replacement of your expensive factory charger and only use the one which has been approved by the manufacturer.

Myth No. 2

Charging your phone overnight damages the battery!


Ever heard of overcharging? Yes, overcharging is a myth. Your smartphones are called “smart” for a reason. Once fully charged, your phone will understand that it is time to stop. Hence, there is no such thing as “overcharging” in this modern smartphone era. Keeping your phone plugged in will not destroy your battery life. However, it is not wise to charge your phone all night, every night. Instead of charging overnight, try to keep your battery charged between 40% – 80%. If you do this, your phone will live longer.

Myth No. 3

Using your phone while it charges is not good for the battery!


This myth is half true. If you are using a low quality, unapproved phone charger, you might want to plug off your charger before using your phone as it might destroy your phone’s battery. However, if your charger is all fine and dandy, using your phone while it is charging will not have any negative impact on your battery. Your charger will do the work of charging your phone whether or not you use it.

Myth No. 4

Charge your phone after your battery drains completely!


This myth is for the older times. Back in the days, batteries were stupid. They would not remember what their full capacity is and if not discharged wholly, they would not be able to fully charge again. Therefore, you would have to let your phone die before starting to charge again. However, smartphones now have special lithium-ion batteries that does not suffer from the “forgetful” memory problem.

Myth No. 5

Charge your new phone’s battery to 100%!


Mostly, when you read the instructions which comes with a new phone, it will tell you to charge your phone to 100% before starting to use it. This is completely unnecessary. As you know, batteries work best when it is between 40% – 80%. A new phone is usually does have that amount of battery to start its use. If a new phone has battery below 40%, you should consider returning the phone as either, the battery is very old or, the phone is already used.

Myth No. 6

Using internet runs down your battery faster than anything else!


Using the internet will eat up the battery only if you’re using it for graphic intensive activities such as watching YouTube videos or playing games online. General social media scroll every once in a while should not take much of your phone’s battery. More than internet, if you’re using your phone to play games, your battery will drop as graphic engines drain the battery, the most. It is recommended to dim the screen as much as you can while playing graphic comprising games if you want to save your phone from dying.

Myth No. 7

Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth in order to prolong your battery!


Turning on Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth will not cut out the battery if they are not in use. If you have your Wi-Fi turned on when you are not using the internet, it isn’t going to lessen your battery at all. Having these services turned on might pull a small amount of that battery’s energy, but it in no way will drain it anytime soon. If you are concerned about saving the battery, simply dim your screen.

Myth No. 8

Putting your phone in the freeze will extend its life!


Back as a kid, I used to place batteries in the freezer to get additional life out of them. The myth surely did not work back then and will certainly not work today. It is proved that room temperature is best for your battery. You might have noticed your device producing heat while you’re using it. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to expose them to more heat. Cold is the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries. Hence, it is unquestionably foolish to put your battery in the freezer thinking it will improve its battery life.

Myth No. 9

Closing phone Apps will improve your battery life!


If you open a bunch of apps on your laptop, it will use up your battery. However, smartphones do not work as a computer would. If you leave an app open on your phone and move on to the next one, the app doesn’t do anything. It stays frozen and does not need any resources. Therefore, closing it will do nothing but use up the CPU power and the battery to get the job done. Instead of closing all the apps at a time, it is better if you turn off notifications or data calls.

To do this as an IOS user,

Go to Settings > Wireless and networks> Data usage and changeAllow background data” to “Restrict background data.”

Myth No. 10

Turning off the phone kills the battery performance!


If you believe this myth, you cannot be more wrong. There is absolutely no harm in shutting your phone off every once in a while. You can turn your phone off and even take out the battery, absolutely no damage will come out of it. In reality, some devices need a little reboot in order to restore battery functionality. Yes, if you leave your phone turned off for a longer period of time, your battery might drain. Nevertheless, giving your phone a break every now and then will not cause any trouble to its battery life.


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